About Us

About Us

City Avenue Group of Director bring the infrastructure idea from his own experience from GCC and conceived the CA Group concept,It’s all started as an effort to redefine the current SKY Line of the city. He started in the Real Estate industry with a greater goal in mind to rich the common man. Not just by building his home but also providing the best possible experience when shopping and using services.

City Avenue is the most promising name in many Real Estate company operating across in the Bihar state and having its head office at siwan, the City of Rajendra Prasad 1st President of India.

Company is achieving milestones since its inception and heading towards ever-greater success. City Avenue is one of the fastest growing real estate company in Bihar. Company is continuously matching its standards with the established real estate companies in India. We are fare-fronting all the small Real Estate companies of Bihar and giving tough competitions to the big names of Real Estate Development Companies.

Today, City Avenue is closet to the Dream of CA Group Directors had and it is moving forward to the next start the township project in other state.


We envision our company as your trusted brand to create the modern townships. City Avenue is meant to develop the township project all over the India, that make use of the latest and most comfortable options available. That includes handling regular delivery of products, and managing services.

Starting with the real estate industry, we research and apply the newest technologies, focused on Eco-friendly application. Then we are engageding making life simpler. To achieve so, we are committed to bringing our customers a single platform to get products and services.

For all our business lines, we are engaged with:

  • High Quality
  • Building Trist
  • High Customer Satisfaction

City Avenue-your dreams our mission…

City Avenue is giving a new plan and thought to the urban development in Bihar. It is aiming to change the sky line of the state housing scenario. Having new dimensions to aim for City Avenue is leaving its footprints in all the major areas of Bihar city by developing its marvellous housing, township and project.